About Silverbakk

Did you know that...

...around 970 million people sign into Facebook every day[1]. They post almost 300 thousand status updates and 510 comments each and every second? Combined Facebooks ~1.5 billion monthly users hit the like button on average 4.5 billion times every day[1]. Now imagine adding all posts to Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumbler[2] and the over 1.4 million blog posts published daily[3]. Tha's alot of content. This is what we call the Social Media Landscape.

To much manual labour

Sifting though all that content on various social media sites and search engines for your brand manually takes time? Understandably that can cut a good chunk of time out of a standard workweek. Taking time for catalouging and statistics into account, you quickly have a full time job on your hands. Most of this labour could be avoided.

What are your customers saying about your brand online?

Are you still searching various social media platforms for new posts and articles about your brand manually?
The internet has grown into a huge exchange of information and ideas. Most sites today enable users to voice theire own opinions. A large part of the average users online activity involves interacting with peers and businesses to Facebook, Twitter, various blogs and other platforms daily. The vast amount of content on web makes it encreasingly difficult to find every aspect of the conversations around your brand.

Every post matters, leave no post behind!

Most of your customers share theire opinions and participate in conversations in social media. Chances are, many of these posts are of interest to you. They might be about you, one of your products or a question directed at you. Responding to a post or comment can make the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one. That's why every post matters.

Silverbakk to the rescue

We scour all corners of the web for posts related to your brand, analyse and catelogue them. Everything gets neatly orgamized into lists, charts and emails. This makes getting a quick overview really easy and comfortable. Also, spending less time searching the web means you have more time for your actual business and customers.

Become better at social media

Collecting loads posts, images, videos and more has a great side effect as well. Statistics! These statistics quickly reveal trends and pointers how to for example write more engadging posts. Questions like: "Which time of day will I reach the largest audience?" or "Do posts containing pictures get more likes?". *Psst*, yes they do. Just going over historic data provides a lot of insight. This insight can often be the key building a tighter relationship with your audience.

We have integrated a variety tools which make it easy for you to become better at social media.
* Review statistics to find the time of day customers respond to your posts the most.
* Import data from Google Analytics to correlate it to specific events on the social web. What kind of posts drive conversion?
* Like to see a 25% increase in engadgement across all of your social media channels when pushing your next campaign? Silverbakk makes measuring your progress super simple.

Import data with external services

Efficient social media marketers must know what drives traffic Silverbakk allows you to connect the dots between happenings in social media and traffic to your various websites and profile pages.
Connect all of the data collected by Silverbakk to your own from Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and many more.
Easily correlate spikes in traffic to your sites with specific events on social media.

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