Measure Online Success

Silverbakk helps you monitor and measure the conversations about your brand online. We scour all corners of the web for content so you don't have to. Everything gets neatly compiled into graphs, lists and emails.

  • Easy to understand charts and metrics
  • We rank content for you, based on importance and relevancy
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly digests of whats happening
  • Get notified of important events related to your brand
  • Minimum setup required. Get started in minutes!

Silverbakk specializes in content relevance and language classification. This helps you filter out the noise and capture important content only

Every account comes with a 30 day free trial

Some of the great features Silverbakk offers

Custom reports

Reports are periodical digests of the latest developments

Fine grained controls

Precise keyword matching though boolean search definitions


Set up custom alerts to notify you of important events


Content is ranked for your by relevance

For the Enterprise

Multi-tier user access control and multiple work spaces

And there is more

KPI's, prority media lists, API

Everything in one place

Remember searching the web and your various social media platforms for new posts and articles about your brand? Those days are history. Silverbakk collects and analyses data from all your sources and millions of sites you might not even heard about.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Silverbakk allows you to connect the dots between happenings in social media and traffic to your various websites and profile pages. Connect all of the data collected by Silverbakk to your own from Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Correlate spikes in traffic to your sites with specific events on social media.

Define goals

Like to see a 25% increase in engadgement across all of your social media channels when pushing your next campaign? Silverbakk makes measuring your headway super simple. By setting up specific goals in advance you have the abillity track your progress along the way.

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